The roof of a house is essential since it helps keep out the outside elements while still providing protection. As such, it is important to keep this integral part of your home in good condition. But when a roof reaches the end of its life, homeowners are often left unsure about whether to opt for a reroofing or a complete replacement. In this blog post, the professional roofers at Shinnova Home will go over the differences between reroofing and a complete roof replacement. 

Getting Reroofing Done

Reroofing is a type of roofing service that is different from a traditional roof replacement since instead of completely replacing the roof, new roof shingles are placed over the existing ones to patch up any damage. Reroofing is typically recommended when you have a roof that is still in relatively good condition that shows signs of some normal wear and tear, such as leaks and holes. With a good reroofing job, you can extend the life of your roof at a lower cost than a roof replacement while also taking less time to complete. 

A Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a more comprehensive roofing service that consists of removing any existing roofing shingles and replacing it with new roofing shingles. A roof replacement is usually recommended for roofs that have surpassed their recommended lifespan and show signs of extensive damage that reroofing can’t fix. So, if you want a long-term roofing solution for your old or damaged roof, then you should consider getting a new roof replacement. 

Cons of Reroofing & A Roof Replacement

Although there are many benefits of getting reroofing work or a roof replacement done, there are cons that you have to consider. Reroofing is a great and more affordable option if your roof is still within its recommended lifespan and doesn’t show severe signs of damage, but it may not have the same long-term benefits that a roof replacement can provide. A roof replacement on the other hand is great for old and damaged roofs, but it can be much costlier and take a decent amount of time to complete. 

Choose The Best Service For Your Needs

Ultimately, when deciding between reroofing and replacing your roof, the best option depends on a variety of factors. It is important to consider all of these carefully before making a decision that is in the best interests of both you and your home. Taking into account the age of your roof, the condition it is in, and the cost associated with each roofing service option will help to ensure you make an informed choice that will provide lasting protection for years to come.