Things happen, and you may find yourself with a window that needs to be replaced during the winter. You may be thinking that you'll be unable to hire someone to fix it or that it would be unsafe to do so. It's a common belief that it's much safer and better to do so in the summer. But, is it really unsafe to get a window replacement in the wintertime?

Why to Get a Window Replacement During the Winter

Believe it or not, wintertime is actually a great time to get your window replaced for a variety of reasons.

Here are some reasons why to get a window replacement in the wintertime:

Winter Weather Helps Identify Issues

The winter weather can actually help identify potential issues with a window. As the air gets cold, if you notice a room in which it is more cold than other parts of your home, your window may be drafty and not properly functioning. The winter can bring attention to air entering through cracks and gaps that aren't visible.

It's More Affordable

For many businesses, winter time is the "off-season" in regards to product and service demands, including window businesses. Therefore, getting a window replacement during the winter is cheaper.

Quicker Installations

For most of the year, window companies are heavily booked. However, since the winter is off-season, you will likely be able to book an appointment for a window replacement much faster.

Save on Energy Bills

The longer that you wait to replace a damaged window during the winter, the more cold air enters your home. This will cause you to have to utilize your home air conditioner or heating system more often, running up your energy bills. Replacing your window can greatly improve temperature control and save you money.

There Are Products for Cold Weather

Many products that would generally have the risk of not working in cold weather, such as sealant and adhesives, generally have a version that is meant for the cold. This is because it is highly unrealistic to stop all necessary projects because it is winter, so there are plenty of solutions to allow home improvement services to continue.

Damaged Windows are Unsafe and Unattractive

It's as simple as why you would want to change your window any time of year. Having a broken or rundown window any time of year can quickly become unsafe or uncomfortable, allowing air and debris to get inside. Additionally, it can simply take away from the curb appeal of a home, which many want to avoid, especially during the holidays.

Get Your Window Replacement Now!

Now that you know that you can and should get your window replacement during the winter, it's time to pick a window replacement company to get your new window from.

At Shinnova Home, we offer a variety of replacement windows, such as:

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  • Sliding Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • ...and more!

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