Kansas City homeowners know the importance of replacing the windows on their home. Choosing the best window replacement for your home is an important decision since you want new windows that not only look nice, but also provide benefits such as improved energy efficiency. You may notice that there are many window replacement options to choose from, but when it comes to energy efficiency, slider windows should definitely be at the top of your list. As an experienced window replacement company, we here at Shinnova Home will discuss why slider windows are the most energy efficient window replacement option. 

Vinyl Sash Implementation 

The design of today’s windows usually includes a vinyl sash which is used to help seal windows for improved energy efficiency. While most windows do experience a slight boost in energy efficiency by sitting on the sash, slider windows take it one step further by using the vinyl sash to create a tight, interlocking seal. This unique benefit allows slider windows to:

  • Be Optimized For Energy Efficiency 
  • Add Security
  • Reduce Energy Costs 

Improved Lighting & Ventilation

Slider windows for your home can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by offering improved natural lighting and ventilation. A slider window’s sliding design allows you to easily open them when you need some cooler air coming through home, which can help back on cooling costs from your AC. If you want more natural lighting instead of using your home’s lighting, you can get a large slider window installed that you could uncover to bring in more natural lighting into it. With these reduced energy and utility costs, you can be saving some more money down the line. 

Slider Window Design

Many of the most popular window replacements on the market today, such as double-hung windows, have a lot of moving parts in their design. The more moving parts a window has, the more likely there might be an air leak which can decrease its energy efficiency, which can be further compounded by an improper installation. A slider window’s simple design on the other hand has fewer moving parts which leads to:

  • Less Maintenance
  • Less Replacement Frequency
  • Less Air Leakage

Experience The Benefits Of Slider Windows

Energy efficiency is one of the main factors that homeowners consider when looking for window replacements for their home. So, if energy efficiency is something that you consider when you want improved energy efficiency, then make sure you consider getting new slider windows from a trusted window replacement company, like Shinnova Home!